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Hardwired GPS Tracker

Hardwired GPS Tracker

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Hardwired GPS Tracker

This hardwired, rugged, professional grade GPS tracker also has a 12 hour back up battery so you never have to worry about a loss of power interrupting your peace of mind.

CDMA GPS, Powered by Verizon and our easy to use Live GPS tracking platform.

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Data Plan Info

All live tracking GPS devices require a data plan.  There are no contracts for data plans.  You can cancel at anytime WITHOUT penalties and activate again when needed.  Data plan is selected AFTER you receive your GPS device and activate it.  


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Location updates at 30 or 60 seconds
Extended 12 hour back up battery
Real-time tracking
Powered by your vehicle's battery
Text message (SMS) alerts
PC/Mac compatible
Web based tracking
FREE tracking app for iOS and Android
Historical playback
Arrival and departure alerts
CDMA powered by Verizon
Low battery alerts
Auto sleep mode