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Bird Feeder Camera

Bird Feeder Camera WiFi

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Bird Feeder Camera WiFi

Unlike any other bird feeder, this one has a built-in camera that can be connected to Wi-Fi allowing you to view outside your home or business directly from your smart devices using our FREE app.  

With night vision, it will record at night even in total darkness.

The bird feeder camera has a motion detector so it will record when it senses motion.  This helps to preserve battery life and prevents recording blank space.

Now you know who is outside your home or office at all times.  Keeping your properties safe has become much easier.

FREE 32GB memory card included ($21.99 value) for a limited time only!

Common uses:  Watch your child's caregiver, check on your home or business, know when the kids come home from school, check on an outdoor pet, loss prevention.

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Motion activated WiFi camera
Outdoor and water-proof
Night vision lets your record even in total darkness
125° Field of View
Free app lets you watch live video on your smart phone over WiFi
Push notifications alert you of any activity on your smart device
Take snap shots and store on your device from anywhere
Playback recorded video from FREE app
Rechargeable battery lasts up to 90 days stand-by
USB charging cord included


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