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Android Phone Charger Hidden Camera

Android Phone Charging Dock Hidden Camera WiFi

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Android Charging Dock Hidden Camera WiFi

The WiFi Android charging dock hidden camera plugs into any power outlet.  The average person will not know you're secretly powering up a hidden camera and DVR with 1080p resolution and Wi-Fi capability.   It is a functional Android cell phone charger.

Check in on your home or office as this ordinary looking charger allows you to stream a live video feed on your smart phone via our free app.

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Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to control, view, and stream video from your smartphone
Remotely control, view, and download video from your smartphone/tablet anywhere in the world
Records at 1080p HD quality
Perfect for high traffic locations where a phone charger would normally be placed
Appears and functions as a normal charger
Plug one into your kitchen, playroom, or conference room outlet.
Comes with USB cable and 5V charger

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