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Parental cell phone monitoring app helps keep kids away from online predators

Posted by Jose Guevara on

With the age of social media and more kids having electronic devices at an early age, comes the risk of online predators contacting your kids without your knowledge.

Nowadays, kids as early as middle school have cell phones and install the latest social media apps.  Anyone can create fake accounts in these apps and make themselves look friendly and as a parent, it can be difficult to know everything your kids are doing online.
Even private social media accounts can receive messages and start a communication with a stranger.

A recent news report from WSB-TV in Atlanta, GA shows how an online predator is using Instagram to target girls.  

As stated by the FBI special agent in the video above, the difficulty in handling these cases comes with the huge number of bad guys online trying to talk to kids.  

The FBI agent goes on to say that in most cases kid's will lie to their parents and law enforcement about their activity making it harder to crack a case.

This is why it's important to monitor your children's activity BEFORE something wrong happens.  Here's where the mSpy software comes in so that you know your child's activity at all times.

What is mSpy?


mSpy is a stealth cell phone monitoring software that silently monitors iOS and Android based devices.  With mSpy parents have access to a phone’s text messages, call history, e-mails, GPS locations, web history, photos, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Keystrokes, and many more applications that kids use to communicate from their cell phone.

mSpy will store all this information on an online account that you can access remote and it will save this data even if the owner of the phone deletes the information from his phone. 

You can be the best parent in the world and still not know everything your children look for online or who they talk to and having this app on your child's phone is a small price to pay for your piece of mind and your child's safety.

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